Wall Decorating Tip By Shoshana Gosselin: Company Coming? 8 Quick Decorating Fixes

By: Published December 20, 2011
Sometimes you don’t have much time to prepare for company — especially around the holidays when so many other things are consuming your time. Your home could use some sprucing up, but quickly! Here are simple tips to add personality, a fresh feel and function.

1. Check your bulbs. Lighting can make or break a room. One burned-out bulb can ruin the the mood, whether it is a ‘large and in charge’ chandelier or a simple recessed light. If you know company is coming, do a quick walk-through of your home with pen and paper, turning on each light. Make a note of any bulbs you need and you will only need to make one trip for replacements.

2. Cut tags from throw pillows. A lot of decorative throw pillows come with annoying plastic tags. Those tags can be frustrating to work with when you’re placing pillows on your sofa: the pillows have to be placed just so and then you have to tuck the tag under so it doesn’t show. Whatever you do, don’t rip those tags off: you might tear the seam. Instead, use a pair of sharp scissors and cut as close to the seam as possible. I have a friend hold the pillow and stretch the tag, pulling it out as far as possible so I can cut close to the seam. … Read Full Article

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