Wall Decorating Tip By Laura Gaskill: Unbury Your Treasures

Family heirlooms, photographs and other treasures are a meaningful part of any home. They spark conversation, stir up warm memories and offer glimpses into the lives of an older generation. This week we look at creative ways to display these objects, so they may enhance your life with their rich history instead of languishing in storage.

If you haven’t gone through your family mementos for some time (or ever?), it may seem overwhelming to begin, so I suggest you take it slow. Pull out one box at a time and keep it near the sofa to sort through as you watch TV. Being slightly distracted while sorting is actually good, because it will make it easier to part with those blurry (but cute!) baby pictures that never made it into the book. Aim to keep only what is truly special. It’s hard, but keep in mind that the impact of a small collection, carefully maintained, can be much greater than a massive heap of boxes of who knows what.

Now that you have your collection winnowed (you just ran off and did that, right?) we can move on to curating and displaying eight of the most common types of mementos. Let’s get started.

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