Wall Decorating Tip By Erika Ward: Heavy Metal in Home Decor

Wall Decorating Tip By Kristy Woodson Harvey and Beth Woodson: Graceful Decorations for Traditional Dining Room Walls
By:  Published January 12, 2011

This ideabook’s discussion of heavy metal will not require you to listen to amplified guitar or wear a ripped tank top. It simply exposes the beauty of metal in interior design, outside of hardware and stainless steel appliances.

This modern aesthetic may appear extreme to some but refreshing to others. Depending on the context, metal can make a space feel industrial, commercialized, cutting edge, or just simply add interest to a room. When paired with natural wood, metal takes on warmer qualities and becomes more livable. What’s even more convincing is that using metal in your interior finishes can even prove to be a cost saver. I challenge you to uncover your inner rock star and take a look at how this raw material is changing the face of design. … Read Full Article

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