Wall Decorating Tip By Becky Dietrich: Fill a Blank Wall on a Beer Budget

By:  Published February 20, 2014

Have you ever stood in front of a blank wall in your home and broken into a cold sweat thinking about what it might cost to fill it? Perspire no more! Here are some ideas you can do yourself, on a pretty tight budget, to make your walls sing.

Look no further than the children in your family (immediate or extended) for a hot lead on personalized wall decor. If you have photos like these, consider having them blown up and made into canvas prints on a wrapped frame.

Honestly, if you find pictures of kids as cute as these, who cares if they’re actually family or not! Adopt the same wrapped-canvas approach but use different sizes and different poses to achieve this great look. A sign adds a singularly personal touch, and making one can be a fun project.

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