Greenbank Mill Summer Colorized

A colorized landscape photograph of the rolling hills of Red Clay Creek and the historic Greenbank Mill. Title: Greenbank Mill Summer Colorized Photographer: Melissa Fague Genre: Landscape Photography

Did you know…
The Greenbank Mill was built in 1782, by inventor Oliver Evans. Evans was born and raised in Newport Delaware. By the age of 22 he is noted for creating 80 different inventions, one of which was the milling process that revolutionized the milling industry. He is also noted for the invention of the high-pressure steam engine. By May 1792, over 100 mills had adopted Evans’ machinery, a lot of which were the mills that once stood along the Brandywine and Red Clay Creeks that produced the country’s leading source of flour.

The restoration of Greenbank Mill includes a re-creation of Oliver Evans’ milling process and is a tribute to the Delawarean who revolutionized the milling industry and made important contributions to the industrial revolution.

Photographer: Melissa Fague
Copyright: ©2015 Copyright Melissa Fague all rights reserved

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