Landscape Photography Quick Tips: Find A Focal Point

High Key Dunes is a high Black and White photograph of the sand dunes at Rehoboth Beach with broken and buried beach fencing.

High Key Dunes Black and White Landscape Photo by landscape photographer Melissa Fague

Photo Specks
Exposure: 1/200 of a sec
Aperture: F13
Focal Length: 50mm
ISO: 250

Find A Focal Point

All photographs need some sort of focal point in them in order for the photograph to be compelling landscape photographs are no different. In fact, landscape photographs without a focal point end up looking rather boring and will leave your viewer’s eyes to wondering through the image with nowhere to rest (and they’ll generally move on and forget your photograph quickly).

Focal points can take many forms in landscapes photography and could range from a building or structure, a boulder or rock formation, a silhouette, a trees… etc. The next time you go out to shoot your landscapes think about what the focal point in the scene and where you place it for your viewers to be lead to.






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