Wall Decorating Tip By Shoshana Gosselin: Frilly Floral for a Child’s Wall

By: Published July 17, 2011
Ever wonder what you can do with all those fake flowers you see at the dollar store? Make art out of them! This DIY project cost just a few dollars and can be done in one night while catching up on your favorite movie.

I came up with the idea while in the dollar store looking for inexpensive inspiration to work with a little girl’s bedroom redesign. I was on a tight budget. I do not usually work with fake flowers, but for this kid’s room, I made an exception. When bunched together, multiple fake flower tops add a colorful, feminine touch. See how to do it:

For this “Pink It Up” girl’s bedroom I was looking for something big to soften the feel of the large wood headboard. The parents wanted to skip the box spring until their daughter was tall enough to safely get in and out of bed, so even more of the headboard is exposed. The new DIY artwork takes the focus off all that heavy wood. … Read Full Article

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