Wall Decorating Tip By Shawn Gauthier: Get Onboard With Wainscoting

Wall Decorating Tip By Shawn Gauthier: Get Onboard With Wainscoting

By:  Published April 13, 2012

When you walk into a home with wainscoting, you can almost feel the traditional richness. A type of paneling originally created to cover the lower part of walls for functional reasons, such as protecting against dampness and everyday damage, wainscoting has evolved and is now used mainly for decorative reasons. However, whether it was added to your home in the 1800s or last week, it provides a wonderful opportunity for distinct architectural detail that can truly be amplified if treated correctly in your decor. Prepare to bring your paneling to the next level with these ideas.

Complement it with a wall application, such as a mural. The juxtaposition of wainscoting’s textured panels with an engaging visual such as a mural creates a compelling combination that stands the wainscoting on edge. When paired together, the distinction of each becomes enhanced.… Read Full Article

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