Landscape Photography Quick Tips: Watch the Horizons

City of Blues a abstract landscape photography of New York City from the platform of the Empire State Building

City of Blues by landscape photographer Melissa Fague

Photo Specks
Exposure 1/100 sec
Aperture: F3.5
Focal Length 18mm
ISO 320

Watch the Horizon

Before you take your first landscape photograph of the day consider what your going to do about the horizon. First and foremost is the horizon straight? When that question is solved move to the next, Where in the photograph will the horizon provide the most impact? This is where you consider the rule of thirds and take into consideration your foreground as well as the sky. Is the sky dramatic? If so place the horizon in the lower third of the scene and let the beauty of the sky shine through. If the sky in bland, look for interesting details in the foreground and place the horizon in the upper third of the scene.

If you really want to be funky, break the rules and try something different.






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  1. photobyjohnbo

    My most used tool in Lightroom is the ‘Level’ button in the cropping tool. When I post and realize I forgot to level my image… I think those who view that photo must know I am an amateur.

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