Wall Decorating Tip By Samantha Schoech: How to Work With Gold

By:  Published February 20, 2014

All that glitters may not be gold. Oh, but when it is, it sure is pretty. Humans have had a thing for gold for millennia. Cleopatra wore it. So did the Greeks, a thousand years before her. The Aztecs, Mayas and Incas were also fans. San Francisco would still be a cow town if it weren’t for gold.

It has always been a symbol of luxury, wealth and success. Gold cards, gold medals, gold standard — all of it meant to convey the best of the best. But in design it can be tricky. Done well, gold can add mellow shimmering warmth. It’s timeless and elegant. Done badly, well, you’ve seen Liberace’s house, right?

The trick is to choose the right tone — gold varies from bright yellow to a soft burnished hue that is much darker — the right place and the right combination.

It looks great with so many colors, but plum and turquoise are favorites. In Asian-influenced design red, black and gold often go together. In modern design it is often paired with bright white.

In the following photos, the use of gold varies a lot, but they all have something in common: the warm glow of gold that speaks to our ancient DNA. We are just wired to like it. … Read Full Article

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