Decorating Tips from Laura Gaskill: 11 No-Sew Home Decor Projects

Decorating Tips from Laura Gaskill: 11 No-Sew Home Decor Projects
By:  February 27, 2013

Do you enjoy crafting with delicious fabrics but run at the sight of a sewing machine? There is no need to feel left out, because each of these 11 projects can be completed without so much as a needle and thread. If you can cut, glue and staple, you have all the skills you need to update your space with those luscious fabrics and trims you’ve had your eye on.

1. Stretch fabric for DIY wall art. If you have a piece of fabric that begs to be hung as art, it’s easy to make it happen. Pick up canvas stretchers or a blank canvas at an art store, and use a staple gun to attach your fabric.

2. Customize curtains with ribbon trim. Update a plain set of curtains with colorful ribbon trim. Use a hot-glue gun or permanent fabric glue to attach the ribbon, being sure to smooth out lumps before the glue dries….Read Full Article

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