Landscape Photography Quick Tips: Motion

Windy Beach is a black and white landscape photograph of the base of a rock jetty in Cape Henlopen State park located in Lewes, Delaware. The image was created to capture the wind blowing the sand and clouds. This image won 2nd place in the Delmarva on View 2014 Photo Contest and was recently on exhibit at the Lewes Public Library in Delaware. Title: Windy Beach Photographer: Melissa Fague Genre: Landscape Photography Are you an Etsy Fan? This image is also available on Etsy; Gift Cards are accepted.

Windy Beach landscape photograph by Melissa Fague

Photo Specks
Exposure:  6 sec
Aperture: F25
Focal Length: 22 mm
ISO: 100
Filter: +5 ND Filter



Being landscape photographers we have the ability to freeze time and elements or to depict movement in our photographs. One of the elements of a dynamic composition is to suggest motion in our landscape photographs by using a longer exposure time when elements in your scene are in motion, such as water or clouds moving in the wind. Depending on your scene and the available light you can capture semi movement or even full blown movement of the elements. If you need a longer exposure you could also try using different ND filters to darken the scene.







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