Landscape Photography Quick Tips: The Whole Frame

Specks of Sunshine is a desaturated landscape photograph that was created on the grounds of Carousel Park located in Wilmington, Delaware. Title: Specks of sunshine Photographer: Melissa Fague Genre: Landscape Photography

Specks of Sunshine by landscape photographer Melissa Fague

Photo Specks
Exposure: 1/60
Aperture: F6.3
Focal Length: 100mm
ISO: 100

The Whole Frame

Every part of the frame is important in a landscape photograph. Looking for elements in the scene that can hold the viewers’ interest and arranging them in your composition is important, however new photographers tend to forget to look for distractions. Keep an eye out for elements that could potentially become a distract from your point of interest in your landscape photo.To do this simply examine the scene through your view finding before you take your shot; look all around the frame for stray objects that have no usefulness to your story. Then make the choice to use it somehow, move or photoshop the element out later.


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