Wall Decorating Tip By Janell Beals : Bedroom Art Walls

Wall Decorating Tip By Janell Beals: Bedroom Art Walls

By:  Published October 4, 2010

As I edit through stacks of art and photographs in preparation for hanging an art wall in my master bedroom, I decided to see what inspirational examples of art hung in bedrooms I could find on Houzz. With such amazing work being featured on this site I wasn’t disappointed.

From eclectic to classic, deciding what art is best suited to hang in a bedroom is a very personal choice. When done well it can be an inspiring addition to the room where we close down the day.  Art hung above a desk always seems to look just right. Here the gold toned frames echo other finishes in the room, with one image repeating the bright blue hue of the drapes. This is an excellent example of an art wall that fits in beautifully with the room design.

Is this collection of art hung above and beside a bed complete, or is it an ever evolving grouping that can continue to spread across the walls? I love the random feeling of the images and the inclusion of the very tall image on the right. … Read Full Article
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