Wall Decorating Tips from Laura Gaskill: Art for Children’s Spaces

20 Sweet Prints to Decorate Walls and Inspire Young Hearts

By:  August 11, 2011

Curating affordable art finds is one of my favorite features to put together on my blog, Lolalina. The online creative community has positively exploded in recent years, which makes sourcing unique and beautiful art a real treat. This month for Houzz I have hand-picked 20 prints perfect for bringing creativity, warmth and personality to a child’s space. I hope you find something to love for your little one! —Laura from Lolalina

“Raccoon” Screen Print by Small Talk Studio – $30
Raccoons on a bicycle built for two — what could be cuter? This limited edition print from illustrator Alyssa Nassner is adorable, yet also really cool, making it versatile enough to please the little ones, hipster teens and Mama too. …Read Full Article

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