Wall Decorating Tip By Vanessa Brunner: Geometry and Art in Chelsea

Wall Decorating Tip By Vanessa Brunner: Geometry and Art in Chelsea

By:  Published June 9, 2011

New York architect George Ranalli took on the remodel of this Chelsea apartment for artists he knew well. Robert Kirschbaum and Jacque Metheny, a painter and a sculptor, had lived in the trendy, open loft for quite a few years. When a baby came into the picture, they needed a more functional family space.

Ranalli reworked the floor plan to create new living spaces and implemented innovative interlocking Finnish plywood paneling on the existing plaster walls. The paneling was designed to help walls hold up under the wear and tear that comes with having a child around, but it became a defining part of the loft’s interior design and a geometric backdrop for art throughout the gallery-like space.

“As artists, their work has a profound level of intricacy and visual detail,” says Ranalli, whose own product designs have been featured in museums nationwide. “I wanted to make sure that their home reflected and complemented this aesthetic. ” … Read Full Article

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