Nature Photography Tips: Perspective

Serene Petals of Life is a beautiful soft focus close-up nature photograph of a single orange petal of a Tiger Lily in full bloom against a white and blue colored background. Title: Serene Petals of Life Fine Art Nature Photographer: Melissa Fague Genre: Nature / Flower Photography Item ID#: NAT-2156

Serene Petals of Life created by Nature Photographer Melissa Fague

One common mistake made among new photographers when out shooting is to simply put the camera to your eye and shoot away. One thing to remember is, we all see the world at eye level for a great portion of the day, so a habit is formed. When we as photographers create at this level the end result is quite often just boring images at a normal viewing standpoint.  In order to make nature photographs that are a little more creative and dynamic, you will need to change your perspective to the subject.  This means during your photo shoot you will need to get higher, lower or closer to your subject and shoot at different angles.  The key to creating stunning nature photos is to try different things, or ‘work the scene’ as it is so often called in the industry.  Don’t just settle for the status quo, explore the beautiful details that the subject. This will help your shoot and your time become more meaningful and valuable because you will have a more powerful nature photograph.




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