Landscape Photo Quick Tip: Photographing Meadows, Plains, and Prairies

Endless Fences is a black and white landscape photograph that was created on the grounds of Carousel Park located in Wilmington, Delaware. Title: Endless Fences Photographer: Melissa Fague Genre: Landscape Photography

Endless Fences by landscape photographer Melissa Fague

Meadows Plains and Prairies

Wide-open spaces such as meadows, plains, and prairies are some of the hardest landscapes of all to photograph. This is because most often these types of areas lack a point of interest for the view to focus on in the landscape photograph. In most cases, the huge portion of the scene is one of the things you’re trying to communicate in your photograph but most of the time it won’t capture a viewer’s attention. Remember, your viewers need something in the image to which he or she can focus on it’s the way our minds work. So while you’re on the scene of your shoot look at the different elements of that location and use one as it’s point of interest that says something about the location and imparts a sense of scale. As a photographer you don’t want the viewer’s eyes to wander aimlessly through the photo, so use whatever might be available in the scene to lead his or her into the image. These items could be a winding road, a stream, a fence line, patches of stones…anything could work if your perspective is right.