Photography Hacks: f/8 DoF Calculator

f/8 DoF Calculator

To take the perfect shot, you’ll need an app to calculate the perfect depth of field. No app does it better than f/8 DoF Calculator. All the calculations are done a single screen, which makes it easy to read, but if you don’t know much about the subject you might be a bit confused. Aperture and distance variables are adjusted by sliders, and all the info you need is displayed in a panel just above the sliders. The app will display: total DoF, near and far limits, and the distances it extends in front of and behind the subject. You can choose to view the app in metric or imperial measurements, and the built-in camera bag has support for hundreds of camera bodies, sheet film sizes and cinematography settings. You’ll need to enter your lens information manually however. This app will let you quickly calculate DoF very easily.