Wall Decorating Tip By Becky Harris: 12 Ways With Wall Murals

Wall Decorating Tip By Becky Harris: 12 Ways With Wall Murals
By:  Published November 2, 2009

Looking for a way to transform a room with a big dramatic statement? Consider a mural. From elegant, colonial dining rooms to energetic, modern kids’ rooms, an endless variety of designs and methods are available. Murals can be created by artists who paint them right on the walls, by using scenic wallpaper, by composing decals across a wall and even out of tile.

This trend is one that was brought over from Europe to the United States not far behind the original settlers. Now that’s a trend with staying power.

This trend has been around in the United States since they were mere colonies. “During the early part of the 19th century itinerant artists would travel the countryside earning their living by painting portraits and murals,” says interior designer Skip Sroka. “They usually were self-trained and had a wonderful sense of naiveté about them… In this room we captured that feeling of the early Virginia countryside. This is a soft-spoken room that speaks volumes.” The mural, painted by artist Kay Jones, was an apt choice, as this home was originally built around 1795.  … Read Full Article

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