Wall Decorating Tip By Lisa Frederick: Lacquered Walls Rise and Shine

By: Published October 4, 2012

Lacquered walls have been on the decorating scene for ages, but they’re white hot these days. There’s something magnetic about that inimitable patent leather shine — it feels refined, classic, glamorous and unexpected all at once. It’s a great way to ratchet up the drama and add another layer of depth to a space.

Composed of resin and solvents, lacquer has a unique property that yields its liquidlike sheen: Applying a fresh coat on top of one that has dried will dissolve the resin in the dry coat. Thus, the different coats melt into one another to create a flawless surface and a smooth gleam. Lacquer dries quickly to a very hard, durable finish, making it ideal for high-traffic rooms. … Read Full Article

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