Photographer in the Spotlight: Landscape Photographer Chano Sanchez Day 4

Today’s Spotlight Photograph: Landscape Photo – Hunters Hideout

Hunters Hideout || San Quirico d´Orcia by Chano Sanchez on

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Photographer in the Spotlight: Landscape Photographer Chano Sanchez

This week we chose to showcase professional travel and landscape photographer Chano Sanchez from Arcos de la frontera, Cadiz, Spain. Chano’s work caught our attention in a featured photo on the Landscape Photography Magazine website and we thought you would enjoy his beautiful and timeless landscape photographs from around the world. We hope you enjoy Chano‘s photos as much as we did in this week’s Photographer in the Spotlight. Check back each day to see all 7 photographs of Chano’s landscape and nature photos that we selected to spotlight and don’t forget, you can nominate yourself or your favorite photographer at: PI Photography and Fine Art.

Chano’s Artist Statement and Bio

portrait of landscape photographer chano sanchezMy name is Chano Sanchez. I´m a Travel and Landscape photographer, completely self-taught. Capturing and sharing images of the most wonderful places in the world, that is my passion and my goal. I understand photography as a living art, in which, either immortalizing a single moment or blending different moments in a single image, we can retain for eternity not only that which took place before our eyes, but also the feelings and thoughts that passed through our minds while we took the pictures.

I was born in 1989 in Arcos de la Frontera, province of Cádiz (Spain). From childhood I was fortunate to travel a lot in my country and at the age of 16 I started to do it also abroad, always with a camera in my hands. In 2011 I bought my first DSLR camera and since then I have followed a steady progression improving the taking of photographs and the post-processing. In total, I have visited 24 countries on three continents (Europe, Africa and Asia), focusing my trips towards photography more and more, to the point that recently (October 2016) I decided to quit my steady job in a sports center in Parma (Italy) to start my career as a photographer.

For someone with a degree in Sports Science and a Master in Education is not easy to take such a decision, but sometimes in life it comes the time to risk, to try what we really love, to turn the dream into reality and show ourselves that it was not so impossible. I have always been a sportsman, so I know very well what daily effort means, the sacrifice, the constant overcoming of becoming a better global version of myself. Strange as it seems, photography allows me to experience a creative connection with the world that makes me feel part of it. Find myself in exceptional climatic conditions and get that different image, be able to take photographs that arouse the admiration of others and their desire to travel to those places that I am lucky to admire, reflect the incredible beauty of this world and the spectacle that the light is able to offer in every sunrise and sunset, the magic of twilight, the balance of nature and the impressive works done by the human being, all within the reach of my hands, eyes, heart and spirit… which line up to stop the time and turn those exceptional moments into photographs.

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