Wall Decorating Tip By Becky Harris: How Did They Make That Mondrian-Inspired Wall

Mid-Century Modern Art Wall - Aliso Viejo
By:  Published June 8, 2016

“I was just so happy that they went for it,” says interior designer Cynthia Prizant. Her clients, mid-century modern aficionados with two little girls, wanted to make a statement in their living room with a feature wall. Prizant had presented the Southern California homeowners with four options. The boldest option of the bunch was a mix of glossy and wood-grain laminate panels composed in a Mondrian-inspired arrangement.

This room previously was dark and contained a behemoth of a brown sectional sofa, heavy draperies and no bright color at all. When Prizant first sat down with her clients, they had been browsing mid-century modern furniture for months, and they had their eye on this sofa, a chair upholstered in bright blue and a mid-century painting that gave Prizant an idea of which colors to use on the wall.
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