Wall Decorating Tip By Margot Hartford: Walls and Shelves Are This Collector’s Colorful Canvas

Multiple Personality Apartment

Wall Decorating Tip By Margot Hartford: Walls and Shelves Are This Collector’s Colorful Canvas
Written By: Margot Hartford on September 9, 2014

Every room in Deanne Delbridge’s one-bedroom apartment features a different primary color that reflects the room’s distinct personality. “The living room illustrates my anthropological side,” she says. The shelves are filled with things she has found on walks or in flea markets or has been given as gifts. “The bedroom is my fun, playful side, and the kitchen reminds me of my summers in Kansas, staying with my grandmother,” she says.

In her work as a creative consultant for advertising photographers, Delbridge has a refined sense of graphic design, art direction and color. It’s balanced by her background: Her mother was an interior designer and a risk taker, so Delbridge grew up living with items such as a horse collar mirror and a gilt steamer trunk used as a coffee table. Both sides of her personality and style merge into a surprising whole.

Although at first glance the apartment seems filled with color, only two walls in each room are painted. “You don’t need to paint the whole room,” Delbridge says. A bold color around a window is particularly dramatic, she says.

Although each room has a predominant wall color, there are references to all colors in the accessories and furniture throughout, a good trick for tying everything together.

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