Landscape Photography Quick Tips with George Diebold: Concentrate on the Picture

Landscape Photography Quick Tips with George Diebold: Concentrate on the Picture
Published Jul 18, 2014 by: B and H

Become a better landscape photographer by concentrating on what you’re shooting. In this landscape photography video we join Professional landscape photographer George Diebold with one of his presentations. George’s lecture consists of a visual presentation of his landscape photos, as well as a discussion on his workflow, how he generate shoot ideas, and how he uses color and composition to create breathtaking photographs. This informal interaction with the audience will draw upon his career based in New Jersey as well as Hawaii, shooting for corporations, creating stock photography and doing fine art work. Any serious photographer, especially students who intend to pursue a career in photography, should benefit from this presentation. Unlike other technically slanted presentations, George intends to concentrate more on finding images, seeing images that already exist, and bringing ideas to completion. He discusses the importance of creating a personal signature style. This presentation is definitely not about the computer or software applications. Ideally, he would like the viewers to leave with a greater understanding of discovering the visuals that already exist all around them.