Wall Decorating Tip By Jennifer Blaise Kramer: Add a Living Wall

Wall Decorating Tip By Jennifer Blaise Kramer: Add a Living Wall

Published by  March 16, 2015

A vertical garden is truly a living wall. It generates oxygen while offering a visual focal point that’s arguably as stunning as, and more affordable than, a piece of fine art. While a vertical garden requires more maintenance than most other wall coverings, it brings texture, energy and life to a room the way all houseplants do. As long as you replace and refresh the plants and care for the system, it will work for you. And chances are, you’ll have the most talked-about wall in the neighborhood. Here’s what you need to know to get started.

DIY or hire it out? If you’re going for a showstopping look (bigger than poster size), consider hiring a good local garden professional. In Santa Barbara, California, designer Terra Basche (seen here) of Terra Malia Designs transformed a wall at Sonos’ office with a large-scale living wall that shows creativity and generates oxygen. ….To Read More

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