Photography Hacks: Photographer’s Tools Pro App

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“Photographer’s Tools Pro” is a mobile app for both Pro and amateur photographs with a lot of useful tools and features.

Following is a quick summary of what this application provides.

– Ability to calculate Hyperfocal distance and Depth of field. This is a very useful tool especially for landscape photographers who may want an interesting foreground, distant background – and everything in between – to be in sharp focus.

– Find Sunrise/Sunset and Moonrise/Moonset timings so that you can be at the location on time.

– Get Moon phase information

– Find civil and nautical twilight timings along with Blue and Golden hours. Sometimes the best light is before sunrise or after sunset and this tool tells you how long before sunrise you may want to get to the location or for how long after sunset you can expect good light.

– Calculate exposure adjustment when using ND filters of various densities.

– Gray card tool for setting your custom white balance. Also useful for setting exposure.

Get App iOS / Google Play