Wall Art By Matthew Ankeny: Bring In a View Like You’ve Never Imagined

Camera Obscura
Wall Art By Matthew Ankeny: Bring In a View Like You’ve Never Imagined
By:  Published June 5, 2014

Looking for more ways to bring the outdoors into your home? Artists Darius Kuzmickas and Abelardo Morell have you covered. They specialize in camera obscura, a centuries-old technique that takes the idea of a pinhole camera and applies it to an entire room.

Morell began taking camera obscura photos in 1991, and his work has been featured in museums across the U.S., including the Museum of Mod­ern Art, The Whit­ney, the Met­, the Chicago Art Insti­tute, and the San Francisco Museum of Mod­ern Art.

First, all the light in the room is blocked with opaque plastic taped to the windows and doors. Next, one small, strategic hole is cut in the plastic, allowing a small beam of light to enter the room. Then, through the opening, an image of the view outside, say, New York City’s Central Park (pictured) is projected upside-down on the wall and ceiling. If a camera’s handy you can take a photograph, like Morell did here, to capture the moment.  … Read Full Article

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