Wall Decorating Tip By Pangaea: Inspiration Beyond Paint and Wallpaper

By:  Published November 18, 2014

So many new homes feel like plain white boxes when you first move in. Boring! Devoid of any real architectural interest, even after painting and furnishing, there can still be something missing. I love the idea of interesting textures on walls — not faux finishing that just looks like a texture, but the real deal you can feel with your hands. This is an inspirational collection of ways to add texture to your walls.

Miami Beach - Apartment by PepeCalderindesign - Miami interior designers -Modern

1. Glass installation. This multi-layered wall treatment was custom made from colored glass. This is really thinking outside the box when it comes to what to put on the wall. Absolutely beautiful.

If glass feels daunting to you, consider creating an installation from panels of clear acrylic. You can back-paint the acrylic to make it any color you want. It wouldn’t look the same as this, but my mind just gets going with ideas when I see such creative wall treatments.

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