Wall Decorating Tip By Janet Dunn: What’s Next for the Feature Wall?

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Wall Decorating Tip By Janet Dunn: What’s Next for the Feature Wall?

By:  Published October 12, 2015


A feature, or an accent, wall, which is a wall of a room or an area that’s different from surrounding walls, is a well-established design tool that performs several functions. For many years, painting one wall a different color has been a popular and effective device, but designers are now exploring other ways to shine the spotlight on it. Here, Houzz professionals share their views on feature walls, how they are being interpreted in today’s homes and what’s in store for the future.

What a Feature Wall Can Do

The feature wall as a design device has a long history. Vikki Montalban of VM Design — who prefers the term accent wall — says, “Not all rooms need one, but they are a great tool to balance the shape of a room and to manage focus in a space. For example, a contrast to draw attention to a [headboard], or a dark wall to deemphasize a television screen.”

Omni Interiors principal designer Amanda Kiley adds that a feature wall provides a starting point for a room’s feel or aesthetic, bringing color, pattern and texture together into a cohesive whole. …Read Full Article

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