Wall Decorating Tip By Cate West Zahl: Easels Take a Stand

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Wall Decorating Tip By Cate West Zahl: Easels Take a Stand
By: Published March 15, 2012

Easels aren’t just for artists. This mobile alternative way to display artwork can look quite chic and fit within the context of any room. From tabletop models used to display smaller work to oversize floor pieces used to showcase large oil paintings, easels provide an easy vehicle to make a statement with your art.

The easel itself dates back to ancient Egypt, where large panels rested on tripod structures. There are many forms of it, from the very basic tripod to the travel easel. The display easel became popular for presentations and to showcase artwork within the home. There are a range of variations, from ornate and wooden to sleek and modern acrylic. Outdoor artists’ traveling easels have also become popular for displaying pieces and look great in home offices or libraries.

Just take a look at all ways people are using the easel — and avoiding putting another mark in their walls.… Read Full Article

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