Thank You

Thank you to Sapphire Land and Development for their recent purchase of States of Erosion Image 6 Whelk Shell limited edition fine art photography canvas print.

Beautiful States of Erosion This project was created to showcase the beautiful details and color variations of a variety of Whelk shells found in Hatteras, North Carolina. These shells where found logged in the grooves of a large steel jetty near the site of the old Cape Hatteras Lighthouse location; they were there for an unknown amount of years and each is in its own state of erosion. The project was designed to highlight the smooth edges that form on the shells from the years of tumbling on the ocean floor or the water rushing over them once they were logged in the jetty. The shells were all photographed on a solid black background to eliminate any distractions and to keep the focus strictly on the curves, colors, and damage of the shells.

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