Photographer in the Spotlight: Nature Photographer Brad James Day 3

Today’s Spotlight Photograph: Wildlife Photo – Northern Gannet Courtship

Northern Gannet Courtship by wildlife photographer Brad James on


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Photographer in the Spotlight: Nature Photographer Brad James

Day 3

This week we chose to showcase professional landscape and nature photographer Brad James from Kelligrews, Newfoundland. Brad’s work caught our attention in a featured photo on the Landscape Photography Magazine website and we thought you would enjoy his beautiful  landscape, nature and wildlife photographs. We hope you enjoy Brad‘s photos as much as we did in this week’s Photographer in the Spotlight. Check back each day to see all 7 photographs of Brad‘s photos that we selected to spotlight and don’t forget, you can nominate yourself or your favorite photographer at: PI Photography and Fine Art.

Brad’s Artist Statement and Bio

Photo of landscape and nature photographer Brad JamesI’m 34 year old wildlife photographer from Newfoundland, Canada. Since moving back to my home province I’ve made it a goal to capture the wildlife of this beautiful place and to show people that Newfoundland isn’t just known for its rugged landscape. My work has been published in many magazines including BBC Wildlife Magazine and L’Image Magazine.

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