Wall Decorating Tip By Lawrence Karol: Lean or Hang Artwork?

Wall Decorating Tip By Lawrence Karol: Lean or Hang Artwork?

Published by: April 24, 2012

There’s a good deal of speculation, and a number of theories, floating around as to why designers lean paintings and photographs against walls instead of hanging them. I’m not much for speculation, so I decided to skip all that stuff and go straight to the source. Here are some reasons and ways to do it from the designers themselves.

Become your own curator. For this family room, Karen Soojian, principal at KSID Studio, leaned the art and varied the height of the pieces to provide a contrast with the boxy shape of the fireplace. She notes that “juxtaposing several pieces of art and other elements is more entertaining to the eye, and this type of art installation allows flexibility — our client has a hassle-free way to change the arrangement of their art.” Read more