Wall Decorating Tip By Gabrielle Di Stefano: 7 Unexpectedly Intriguing Places for Art

Wall Decorating Tip By Gabrielle Di Stefano: 7 Unexpectedly Intriguing Places for Art

By: Published on September 15, 2013

Art engages us, stirs our soul and creates debate, but it is often the final piece in a room. Although art is usually saved for last, the right piece of art can tie all the other elements in a space together. When used in a surprising place, art can be thrilling. When we least expect it, a colorful depiction from a child’s imagination in a mudroom or a thought-provoking landscape over a kitchen bench delights us.

Use one of these creative placement ideas to make your much-loved artwork even more enjoyable.

1. Patios. Outdoors may not be the most obvious place for a painting, but if it is well protected from the elements, why not? This bright toucan painting really livens up this porch.

Design tip: When you’re hanging artwork in an area with an 8-foot high ceiling, the middle of the picture should be approximately 5 feet off the floor.

2. Bathrooms. Bathrooms should be places of serenity and luxury. A beautiful piece of art will only enhance that indulgent experience.

Design tip: In wet areas place your artwork under glass to avoid damage from water and steam.

3. Kitchens. It is ideal to have a window at your kitchen sink. But if you don’t have that luxury (or you would prefer the extra cupboard space instead), take photographs of some favorite personal places and have them screen-printed onto glass cabinet doors.

Design tip: Try grouping empty frames, mirrors or family photos. Symmetrical groupings add balance, formality and a sense of calmness.

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