20 Colors of the Year For 2020 and matching home decor

20 Shades of 2020 Colors of the Year and Matching Home Decor

Color: Back to Nature, Art: (From left to right) Three English RosesYellow Roses, & Roses and Poppies Art Print by Shealeen Louise

20 Colors of the Year For 2020 and Matching Home Decor

Paint companies and color experts have released their picks for the 2020 color of the year. See which shades made the list.

Anyone who has ever embarked on a paint and decorating project for a room in their home or office knows color is paramount to the design outcome of that particular space. Pick the wrong color & everything, from the your furnishings to your artwork, can appear unbalanced or incomplete. Meanwhile, the right color can add an extra layer of joy, peace, and / or comfort to the room or area.


For years paint companies and industry expects have participated in an exciting tradition of choosing a hue that they declare is their Color of the Year and with 2020 being a new era there was no exceptions this year. They choose their hues based on industry trends, social issues and interviews, in order to help us “the consumers” make educated decisions when it comes to creating the perfect interior spaces that we will utilize for years.

This year after seeing the spread of colors that have been released it seems that all of the color pros were all focused on the same idea, peacefulness and serenity that will enhance our overall well being.

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  1. Daniel

    I love the royal blue. I wouldn’t want it on my walls, though. I’m imagining a royal blue rug or intricately woven carpet in a white bedroom or walk-in closet! Now, THAT would be really royal! And a royal blue ceramic dinner set would also be an asset in the dining room!


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