Art Feature of the Day 4/1/2021 – Jabi Sanz Photography

I’m really trying to get back into the swing of making regular posts and interacting on social media more. These past few years has been extremely hard for my family and I. And well honestly, I lost hope in myself for a while and kinda shutdown so to speak. Those that have followed my blog have probably seen some of the loss we’ve had and 2020 wasn’t any better but I’ll dive deeper into that later.

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Anyway, one of the things that I have been working on this past week is showing more gratitude. I am truly thankful for everyone that has followed my blog or social pages, visited my shops on different POD platforms and my own website during the past few years. So, I am trying to post daily about it. So now it’s time to add another piece back into my routine.

Facebook recently did some changes on some of the business pages making it so they have their own “News Feed”; which for the past few days has been full of amazing photographs from artists from around the world; and I’m feeling inspired again because of it. So today, I’d like to start “giving” again to other artists with featuring a piece of art or photograph each day of the work that I find most compelling.


I hope you like my pick of the day. If you have a second, check out Jabi Sanz Photography on Facebook his work is stunning!

Coastal Sunset Landscape Photograph by  Jabi Sanz Photography.
[ Asturias 🇪🇸 ] “El Bufon”

Image by and found on Facebook: Jabi Sanz Photography or main website

***Please note this in not the work of PI Photography and Fine Art but the work of another artist. It is not sold through our gallery. If you would like more information about the artwork featured here in this post please follow the artists links above.

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