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About PIPA Fine Art

“Art and creativity in people's consciousness is all things to all people and a profound reflection of man's relationship with life.” It communicates with one’s self and the world we build around us, reflecting an impressive array of memories and emotions, happiness and sorrows, love and hate, truth and fables. Art teaches people, entertains people and inspires greatness. But art is much more; it’s a creative experience which explores the mysterious, the sublime, the unexpected, the often obscure and otherworldly, bringing fleeting moments of profound meaning into frozen moments of time; a moment that would otherwise have been invisible to us. Our world is immersed with visual images that function for a great diversity of purposes; on a personal, and professional level. Images are icons that we construct around ourselves which give us a sense of possession of the world around us and help define our place within it. Photography is also used in the advertising industry to convey a sense of glamor and envy in order to sell products and services. Photographs demonstrate our strengths and professionalism, our friendliness and work ethics, or quality and our product’s attributes. Photographic possibilities are all around us, now it’s your turn to be an inspiration. Please visit our landscape and nature photography galleries for all of your printing options today.

Looking For Art Ambassadors

It’s been 10 years that PIPA Fine Art has been online and providing homeowners, as well as, businesses with beautifully crafted wall art to enhance their spaces with gorgeous views and sights of this world. Honestly, I don’t believe we ever would have made it this far it wasn’t for you, our followers and supporters. So, we want to say thank you from the depths of our soles for all the love you have shown us through the years. Thank you for all of the feedback (…especially early on 😉 ), comments, purchases, and the sharing of our artwork and articles you have done. Here is to you and to another amazing 10 years!

Photo credit: © Melinda Nagy –

What’s Next?

Now, it is time for us to expand some more and give back to our supporters at the same time! Since we’ve been in lockdown, because of Covid, we have been working on plans and moving forward with things on our and through our website. We are pleased to announce that we are opening up an ambassador / influences program for art lovers just like you to earn money simply by sharing our products. We have recently partnered with Goaffpro (a third party tracking platform) to provide you (hopefully, our soon-to-be ambassadors) with the quickest and simplest tools to earn some extra money and to maximize earning in little to no time at all.

Here Is How It Works!

As a PIPA Fine Art ambassador, you can earn money by sharing your favorite wall art with your friends, your family and your followers from our main website, After you’re approval, you’d simply share your favorite artwork with your unique ambassador link on any social media site or by adding our pre-made banners to your websites and/or blogs… then watch your earnings start adding up. For the more creative ambassadors; you’ll have the ability to store and track any custom made banners and posts you want.

Program Summary

  • Earn up to 10% commission on purchases made on through your unique links. This includes all wall art & fine art prints as well as our wall murals.
  • $0 to join and no minimum sales requirements to cash out your earnings each month.
  • Track your earnings; see exactly which products have sold and when.
  • 30-day cookies (purchase window) – if someone visits through your unique links and makes a purchase at any time within 30 days, you earn a commission for all products that sold.
  • Payments are made monthly through Paypal
  • Easy to use sharing resources

For more information and to start earning today click below!

Thank you again for all of your love and support; we look forward to working with you.

Broken Seashells and Sand Coastal Nature Photo

Broken Seashells and Sand Coastal Nature Wall Art and Fine ARt Prints

About This Coastal Picture: Broken Seashells and Sand is a nature photograph created to showcase the smooth texture of the broken seashells on the course texture of the beach sand.

Title: Broken Seashells and Sand
Nature Photographer: Melissa Fague
Genre: Nature Photography
Item ID#: NAT-2136
Main colors of this photograph: Brown, Tan, Beige, White and Orange

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Cloudy Sunrise at Port Mahon Lighthouse Ruins Landscape Wall Art – Photography

Cloudy Sunrise at Port Mahon Lighthouse Ruins Coastal Landscape Photograph

About This Coastal Landscape Photo: Cloudy Sunrise at Port Mahon Lighthouse is a landscape photograph taken in the early morning hours at the site of the ruins of the Port Mahon Lighthouse. The remains were photographed using a long shutter speed in order to capture the waters movement and to slowly brighten the sky.

Title: Cloudy Sunrise at Port Mahon Lighthouse
Photographer: Melissa Fague
Genre: Landscape Photography
Copyright:©2014 Copyright Melissa Fague All Rights Reserved
Colors of the image: several shades of pale blues, pinks, yellow and dark brown.

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