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Are you an artist who sells your work online?
Are you looking for resources to use to promo your work?


Art Catalog Cover

PI Photography and Fine Art can help; we are creating an online art catalog that lists a variety of artists from all different genres of art. The catalog will be listed permanently on our blog site which receives more than 3000 visits per week. Plus, it will be listed on our monthly newsletter that is sent to our VIP List that contains over 20,000 readers with a variety of artistic tastes.  We have spent years creating this list and now we would like to use it to help you get some exposure and grow your business. Our VIP list contains galleries, interior designers, art consultants, art dealers, curators, large corporations, small businesses, and many more.

How it Works:

Listings run for 1 year from the date of purchase . All listings link back to the artist’s website(s), selling platform(s) and social media pages. The catalog will be split into art genres then into field of that genre. The artist listings will run in artist’s selected field with a short description of artist’s style / business. Two photographs are showcased in the listing, 1st  a portrait of the artist or company logo and the 2nd a sample piece of work. Listings are displayed in alphabetical order.  There are two options for listings available and multiple listing purchases are welcome and discounted.

*We take no part in the sales process, customer service or shipping of any product, any transactions would occur between you and the buyer.  This is not a contract for representation.

*A renewal notification will be emailed to you before your listing expires and renewal options will be available for purchase.

Option 1 Mini Listing $5.00

  1. 1 type of art genre / field of work
  2. Artist’s personal name is listed
  3. A portrait of the artist (image size max. 400px at 72 ppi)
  4. Type of products sold
  5. A description of artist’s style and product types (up to 4 sentences)
  6. 1 Example photo of work (image size max. 400px at 72 ppi)
  7. 1 Link to website or online store
  8. Area of focus (refined keywords up to 20 words)
  9. 1 free photo swap out per year
  10. 1 free info update per year

To purchase Mini Listing

Mini listing Example

Full Catalog Listings $10.00

  1. 1 type of art genre / field of work
  2. Photographer’s name
  3. Company name
  4. A portrait of the photographer or the company logo
  5. Type of products sold
  6. A description of business style & product types (up to 6 sentences)
  7. 1 Example photo of work
  8. Up to 5 links to websites and online stores
  9. Area of focus (refined keywords)
  10. Up to 6 Social Media Profile Links
  11. Full Contact information Displayed
  12. 2 free photo swap outs per year
  13. 2 free info updates per year

To purchase Full Listings

Full Listing Example

Guidelines of Submission

  1. One art topic can be selected per listing; you can purchase more listings for other topics at discounted prices.
  2. A listing form will be emailed to you after purchase. You must fill out the information for each listing you purchase. The listing(s) will not be published until you email the completed form and images to us. (Image size 400px max on longest side at 72ppi). This form also grants PI photography written permission to show your sample of work online with photo credits and links back to you.
  3. I am an artist and business owner as well, please allow 48 hours for the publication of the listing.
  4. It will be up to you to let us know of changes with any of your information or for image swap outs.
  5. The listing runs for 1 full year from the date of purchase.
  6. Full names must be used (no exceptions)
  7. You must be the owner of all work being shown
  8. Your store or online shop must be up and running
  9. You must sell in and ship to the US. (most of our VIPs are located in the US)

To purchase your listing, please visit: PI Photography and Fine Art

***PI Photography and Fine Art does not represent any artists listed in the catalog and we will not have any part in the sales, customer service, transaction process, shipping or delivery of any product produced by any other artist than Melissa Fague.***