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Did you Know…Hasselblad on the Moon

Did you know…

…that there are 12 Hasselblad cameras on the surface of the moon today. The cameras were apparently left there during one of the Apollo moon landings to allow for the extra weight of the lunar rock samples to be brought back to earth for research….I wonder what else we left up there. Source: Wikipedia

Moon Over Pagoda is a night photograph that was created at the Hilltop Pagoda in Reading, Pennsylvania. I loved the bold reds against the completely black sky. Title: Moon Over Pagoda Landscape Photographer: Melissa Fague Genre: Night Urban Landscape Photography Item ID# NGHT-7006

To all the shutterbugs…Happy Shooting!


Did You Know…Heavenly Light

Did you Know

Did you know that nature and landscape photographs with “heavenly light” trigger positive and sometimes even spiritual emotions within the viewer. These emotions can help relieve stress and anxiety with our daily lives. Studies have been conducted in the Healthcare industry which prove that these types of images also help promote self healing, which helps speed up the entire healing process.

Landscape Photography Sun Rays Through Treetops by Nature and Landscape Photographer Melissa Fague

About This Landscape Photograph

Sun Rays Through Treetops is a beautifully inspiring landscape photograph that was created in the wooded area of Iron Hill Park located in Newark, Delaware. This image was created during the early morning hours of a humid summer day to capture the beautiful light gleaming through the treetops and the haze from the humidity. To view other beautiful landscape photographs by Melissa Fague, please visit: PIPA Fine Art

Did you Know…The Great Picture

Did you know…

Courtesy of Wiki

Ever heard of a whole building being used as a huge camera? The runways and control tower of California’s U.S. Marine Corps Air Station El Toro is the largest photograph to exist. It was photographed with a single exposure on a sanitized fabric. The whole building was used as a camera. The photograph was a part of the Legacy Project and is referred to as the Great Picture. It is 111 feet wide and 32 feet high!

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To all the shutterbugs…Happy Shooting!