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Quick 5 minute tips, tricks, and techniques for photographing natural landscapes, cityscapes, and seascapes.

Landscape Photography Tips & Techniques with First Man Photography: Riding the Wave

Landscape Photography Tips & Techniques with First Man Photography: Riding the Wave

Published Aug 20, 2017 by: First Man Photography

In this video landscape photographer Adam Karnacz as he witnesses and photographs a beautiful sunset during his travels in North Yorkshire and enjoy some of the beautiful heather on display.

“Landscape photography is like anything else in life. It has its ups and downs, lows and highs. On the video last week it was very emotional, I captured some amazing shots, met some incredible people and it was a big high. When you’re on top, the only way is down and it’s important not to see this as a negative but rather a natural movement in the wave of life and the photography process. At a time like this I there are two things I like to do with my landscape photography. The first option is to head off on an epic trip to somewhere amazing. I’ll be doing that soon but it’s not always possible. The second option is to come back to somewhere close to home or somewhere you know really well, slow it down and just enjoy the process. That’s exactly what I’ve done today and I’ve come back to Roseberry Topping, just couple of miles from where I grew up.

I am also very proud to be launching my landscape photography workshops. Spend the day with me and retrace the steps from one of the First Man Photography vlogs and capture some of the finest scenery the UK has to offer. The workshops will be a brilliant day and my supportive and encouraging style, enthusiasm and knowledge will give you confidence with your camera and help you capture some incredible landscape images. Book your trip now and come along for the ride.” – Adam Karnacz

Landscape Photography Tips & Techniques with Thomas Heaton: In Iceland

Landscape Photography Tips & Techniques with Thomas Heaton: In Iceland

Published Jul 30, 2017 by: Thomas Heaton

In this video landscape photographer Thomas Heaton on his landscape photography workshop in Iceland, day 3 & 4. Thomas did 2 back to back workshops and encountered some beautiful conditions as well as enduring the horrific storms.

Nature Photography Tips with Peter Mather: Northern Influence

Nature Photography Tips with Peter Mather: Northern Influence

Published by Travel Yukon on Feb 19, 2015

This series is part of the ‘Yukon Digital Storytelling Project,’ a collection of three original web series told from a uniquely Yukon perspective.

Episode 1: Peter Mather, Wildlife Photographer
Northern Influence episode one begins with an insight into the mind of one of the territories’ most celebrated wildlife photographers, Peter Mather.

The audience is taken on a journey along the Alaska Highway to Kluane National Park. On the way, Peter explains what motivates him and what makes his photo’s unique. The respect for his surroundings and the animals he works with is apparent as Peter works alongside wild sheep, seeking unique images and behavior on the rocky terrain.

As the sun sets on Sheep Mountain, Peter talks about the next trip that he is planning; the biggest trip of his career. The audience is given an insight into what goes into planning such a venture, and the scope of the project Peter is undertaking.



Nature Photography Tips with Matthew Schwartz : Editing a Bird Portrait

Nature Photography Tips with Matthew Schwartz : Editing a Bird Portrait

Published by Nature Photography Mastery Academy on Jan 25, 2016

In this nature photography tutorial we join nature photographer Matthew Schwartz as he walks us through a behind-the-scenes post-processing session for one of his beautiful fine art bird photographs. As noted in the video, his style is “Artistic Images” not “Documentary Photos” so  he does manipulate elements in the image.


Nature Photography Tips with Robert O’Toole

Nature Photography Tips with Robert O’Toole
Published Jan 4, 2014 by: Don Haynes

In this nature photography video we join professional wildlife photographer, Robert O’Toole  as he discusses his travels across the world routinely enduring extreme temperatures, sometimes hiking loaded down with gear for miles in total darkness to capture images of nature at sunrise. In this presentation Robert shares his inspiration, passion and creative vision that drives his photography. He shares some of his favorite images and the equipment, techniques and stories behind them.

Landscape Photography Quickies with Thomas Heaton: Look Soft & Sharp

Landscape Photography Quickies with Thomas Heaton: Look Soft & Sharp

Published Jun 18, 2017 by: Thomas Heaton

It’s unusual for Thomas to indulge in too much editing, however with this image Thomas processed it more than he usually would. Thomas had a picture in his mind of how he wanted it to look. During this landscape photography tutorial Thomas achieves his vision with Lightroom and Photoshop. He used the Loupedeck to edit the RAW file, which massively improves the LR user experience.

Nature Photography Tips: Composition and Sharpness

Nature Photography Tips: Composition and Sharpness

Published Oct 14, 2016 by: Wex Photographic

In this nature photography tutorial on macro photography we join award-winning macro and wildlife photographer Ross Hoddinott. Ross picks up where he left off in the previous episode, photographing the butterfly he spotted. As he sets up this shot and more, Ross discusses composition and sharpness, covering background choice, depth of field and a number of other factors that will take your close-up to the next level. He also offers a couple of invaluable tips that will make a big difference when you’re working in the field.