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What is Your Favorite Thing About Spring?

Tell Us What Your Favorite Things are of Spring!

Glowing Iris is a nature photograph of a beautiful Pennellata (Tall Bearded) Iris found lining the parking lot of Bellevue State Park, located in Wilmington, Delaware. There were hundreds of blooms along the edge of the parking lot however, this one was pure perfection. Title: Glowing Iris Photographer: Melissa Fague Genre: Nature Photography

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What type of art is hanging in your bedroom right now?

We all have different tastes, we choose our art based on many different factors such as details, feels, room environment, and color. Tell me What type of art is hanging in your bedroom right now? Comment below what the draw to that piece is.


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Art for Gifts what is your opinion

Hello everyone,

I need your help, my boyfriend and I are having a playful disagreement on whether or not a piece of art is a good gift to give for the holidays and we are in deadlock. Please help us end this little disagreement.   We would like to know your opinion, Thank you!

Where Do you Shop for Artwork?