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Adorable Seal Catches a Ride on a Kayak

LOL What a neat experience. Its eyes are too cute!

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OMG I Finally Did It!

So for years I’ve heard using videos helps build you online audience; however I’ve always hated public speaking … even worse talking to a camera not a person, so I kept putting it off.

…guess what? It didn’t kill me lol I guess the old saying is true… sometimes we make mountains out of mole hills.

I would really love your feedback on it!

This is my very first video to document my fluid paint pours. I’ve been working with the acrylic paints for a few months now and I found that I really like creating them and my techniques are getting better. I chose to document this particular pour because it is my first commissioned piece of artwork…small steps to building my audience. My client found some of my other pours as wall murals and asked if I could create a custom piece for her. It’s going to be printed on the same vinyl material as the wall murals however, my client is going to hang it on the ceiling…which I think it so cool…hopefully when she has it installed she will take pictures of it for us. There will be 1-2 more videos based off of this one so please, if you found this to be interesting and would like to see the end result please subscribe. …and of course please leave me some feedback.

Landscape Photography Tip with Karl Taylor: Seascape Photography Cheats, Tips & Tricks!

Landscape Photography Tip with Karl Taylor: Seascape Photography Cheats, Tips & Tricks!

Published By: Karl Taylor  on Aug 5, 2016

In this landscape photography tutorial, we join landscape photographer Karl Taylor down at a lovely location looking for decent coastal details and seascape compositions. We watch as he creates a couple of shots that should work out well. In this video he also reveals a few useful landscape photo tips that he uses when looking for seascape shots – PLUS there’s a little cheat he use during his shoots!


Optic 2016: Essentials of Creative Composition in Landscape Photography with Robert Rodriguez Jr.

Published on Jun 19, 2016 by B and H

Strong composition is one of the essential ingredients of landscape photography, yet many still find the ability to make strong images difficult and elusive. While the art of composition is learned through practice and experience, there are fundamental concepts and approaches that can help to improve your ability to make stronger images. In this presentation, Robert Rodriguez Jr. shares some of what he thinks are the key elements of strong composition in landscape photography and how you might apply them to your own image making.