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Independence Day Sale 30% Off Wall Art

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Part 2 The Ultimate Basement Renovation

Custom Vinyl Quote and Graphic Design Window and Door Decals. A custom interior design project the required creation and installation of a motovational quote the be created out of vinyl lettering and our graphic design (Black And White Soft Vertical Lines - Ombre Abstract Blurred Pattern) to be printed on clear vinyl window decals for a door and window to a children's craft roon.

Project 2 and 3 are complete! We had some pretty inquisitive supervisors on site last night at the basement renovation job 😉.

The kids and homeowners love the vinyl graphics of the window and door to their new craft room….yeah, I totally let them photo bomb the shot.

Design: Black And White Soft Vertical Lines – Ombre Abstract Blurred Design on custom clear vinyl window decals.

Fluid Artwork; A creative Activity The Family Can Enjoy

Sorry for the lack of post these past several months. I was in yet another car accident and have been working diligently to get back up to par afterwards. One of the issues I’ve been facing is depression because of the pain and the temporary lack of abilities. I sustained lower back and neck injuries so travel, hiking, and carrying my camera bag were put on hold for a while. Because I’ve been home bound and battling depression, I’ve tried a variety things to keep my mind and creative juices flowing in a positive and create direction. One of the activities actually got my family involved :)…I love family time!

I came across a video about Dirty Paint Pours also known as Fluid Art and liked what I saw; so I went to the local art store and picked up some canvas boards and a variety of paint colors. when I got home I immediately set up my kitchen island as a work station and started mixing the colors for my first fluid art project. At first it was just an activity for me to try but as my family came home from work things began to change. Honestly, they all looked at me kinda funny until I showed them how to do it. They were surprised as the flow of the paint poured out of the cup and the bursts of color that was manipulated as the canvas board was tilted in different directions; they instantly wanted to try for themselves. It’s a good thing I couldn’t decide on what colors to buy that day at the store; I ended up with what I thought was too much paint lol.

Within an hour my daughter and her boyfriend, my hubby, my mom, my sister-in-law and niece who had stopped by were all getting their hands into the paint, creating, laughing and joking, and enjoying each others company. Each one of them tried it and were amazed at the results that they had created. They enjoyed it so much that I stopped creating mine and started snapping photos of them creating their own artwork. I’m so happy that one simple little activity created not only beautiful pieces of artwork but also memories that will last a lifetime.

The results are now dry and were able to be photographed. Here are some of results of the different pours. If you would like to see all of the resulting paint pours, photographic reproduction are available for viewing and  purchase on our website.

Spring Fling… or Better Yet Cabin Fever Sale

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Nature Photography Lone Mussel Seashell

Lone Mussel Seashell is a nature photograph of an open mussel shell resting on the beach at Cape Henlopen State Park located in Lewes, Delaware. Nix Analog Effects were applied. Title: Lone Mussel Seashell Photographer: Melissa Fague Genre: Nature PhotographyAbout this Nautical / Beach Nature Photo:

Lone Mussel Seashell is a nautical nature photograph of an open mussel shell resting on the soft sandy beach at Cape Henlopen State Park located in Lewes, Delaware. Nix Analog Effects were applied to create the aged damaged look of the photograph.

Title: Lone Mussel Seashell
Fine Art Nature Photographer: Melissa Fague
Genre: Coastal / Nature Photography
Item ID# NAT-2053

Prints of this photograph are available at: PI Photography and Fine Art located in Bear Delaware. Melissa F. in Bear, DE on Houzz

Lone Mussel Seashell Nature Photography Canvas Wall Art and Fine Art Photography Prints Lone Mussel Seashell Nature Photography Framed Wall Art and Fine Art Prints

Lone Mussel Seashell Nature Photograph Framed Wall Art Print Example

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