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Minimalist Wall Art Prints and Wall Decor

There is so many different genres of art but sometime less is more. Check out these amazing pieces of artwork that have minimal details to them but still speak art!

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12 Of The Best Street Art Murals

I simply love street art. Street art not only helps beautify a city; it gives the views a unique perspective of the area and the artists exposure to their work. Noticing the details of an area and the artist’s imagination help capture the essence of a place, a person, a moment in time, or real insight in to your own soul. Many cities have specially designated places for street art and murals and more are embracing the art form each day; some of which are even going as far as creating tours based around the beautiful wall murals. Here are a dozen beautifully created murals throughout the world that we found on various social media sites. Please take time to check out each artists work and their pages.

Rise Up in the Dirt Wall Mural by BK Foxx

“Rise Up in the Dirt” by BK Foxx @bkfox Found on Instagram

“The Council of Monkeys” by Goin @goin.art Found on Instagram

Looking for the Truth by Jade Rivera @jade1rivera Photo by Roby Stowe

Looking for the Truth by Jade Rivera @jade1rivera Photo by Roby Stowe Found on Instagram

Sea Turtle Street Art Artist Unknown photographed by @scottglasson1

“Sea Turtle” Artist Unknown photographed by @scottglasson1 Found on Instagram

Double Decker bus Vila Madalena by Eduardo Kobra @kobrastreetart

Double Decker Bus Vila Madalena by Eduardo Kobra @kobrastreetart Found on Instagram

6.Half Martha Mixed Media Wall Mural Street Art by BORDALO II

Half Martha by BORDALO II @b0rdalo_ii Found on Instagram

Hand and Flower Wall Mural Street Art Artist Unknown

“Hand and Flower” Artist Unknown found on Pinterest

City of Brotherly Love Artist Unknown photographed by PipaFineArt

“City of Brotherly Love” Artist Unknown photographed by PipaFineArt

Building The City Wall Mural Street Art by Michael Webb

“Building The City” by Michael Webb

Wall Mural Street Art By Astro ODV

Unknown Title By Astro ODV Photographed by Manuela Geypen Found on Facebook

Black and White animal mural street art by Belgian ROA

Wall Mural by Belgian ROA Found on Facebook

"Eyes Shut" Wall Mural Street Art by Nean

“Eyes Shut” by Nean Found on Facebook