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Nature Photography Tips with Tom Mangelsen: Get Your Settings Right While Shooting in the Wilderness

Nature Photography Tips with Tom Mangelsen: Get Your Settings Right While Shooting in the Wilderness

Published by: CreativeLive on Dec 5, 2014

In this clip from the CreativeLive class, The Art of Wildlife Photography, nature and landscape photographer Tom Mangelsen talks about what to look for through your camera lens and on the back of your camera while you are on a shoot.

Nature Photography Tips with Jay Goodrich

[FRAMED] Episode 15: Jay Goodrich Nature Photography

Published by: Framed Show on Oct 10, 2011

It’s amazing to find a man that makes his dreams a reality. Having looked up to the legendary nature and landscape photographer, Art Wolfe, for so many years, this photographer now teaches at his workshops.

Living in the heart of some of Washington’s most beautiful country, Jay Goodrich has the eye to still architecture and Mother Nature in the most breathtaking way. Having an architecture background and a love of adventure sports, his photography goes beyond capturing the moment; he shares a feeling, a fleeting, beautiful moment in space and time that would otherwise be lost. Going beyond the most important tenants of photography, composition, clarity, and light, Jay’s photos also exude emotion and passion. Jay is an internationally published and celebrated photographer and writer. His clients have included fortune five hundred companies, trade publications, national and international magazines and books, graphic designers, architects, builders, commercial printers, and many others.

One of Jay’s greatest gifts is his ability to share his great passion for photography with others. He has the ability to effectively communicate the components of one’s art that makes a truly great instructor. Jay most enjoys working one-on-one with individuals in his intimate workshops, because it is possible to see the growth of their photography skills on a daily basis.

Jay teaches about four small-group workshops a year to some of this world’s most amazing locations. He is also an instructor for Art Wolfe Workshops.

Today, Jay shows us that you don’t always need to jump on a plane and go to the ends of the world to find amazing wildlife or nature photography. Sometimes the best photos can be taken in our own backyards.

Nature Photography Tips with Matthew Schwartz: Editing Bird Portraits

Nature Photography Tips with Matthew Schwartz: Editing Bird Portraits

Published by: Nature Photography Mastery Academy on Jan 25, 2016

In this nature photography tutorial Wildlife photographer Matthew Schwartz walks us  through a behind-the-scenes post-processing session for one of his beautiful fine art bird photographs. As noted in the video, Matthew’s style of photography is “Artistic Images” not “Documentary Photos” so he does manipulate the elements in the photograph extensively.

Nature Photography Tips with Stuart Low: Photographing Forests

Nature Photography Tips with Stuart Low: Photographing Forests

Published by: Stuart Low  on Jun 19, 2014

Forests are wonderful places to capture great images but it’s a source of frustration for many beginner and semi pro photographers. In this landscape and nature photography video, photographer Stuart Low show us some simple techniques using your camera’s live view to identify good compositions in the forest.