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Landscape Photography Tip with Jason Odell: Art of the Long Exposure

Landscape Photography Tip with Jason Odell: Art of the Long Exposure

Published by Jason Odell on Oct 2, 2015

In this landscape photography tutorial we explore the art of long exposure with professional landscape photographer Jason P. Odell. In this video Jason discusses the art and artistry of creative long exposure photography and the history as well as the techniques he uses to create his stunning landscape photographs.

Big Dreams by Jason Odell on 500px.com



Photography 101: Creative Photography Which Lens to Use

Published by: Creative Photography Courses on Dec 11, 2014

In this photography tutorial we join the staff of Creative Photography in selecting the correct lens for your photo shoots for the different genres of photography.

Photography Quickies with Craig Roberts: Seascapes & Long Exposures

Photography Quickies with Craig Roberts: Seascapes & Long Exposures
Published May 2, 2015 by:  e6 Vlogs

In this landscape photography video  we join professional photographer Craig Roberts as he spends a day at the coast photographing at both low and high tide. He reviews some of the his techniques for composition and light as well as reviews a variety of Lee Filters to enhance the results of his photographs.

Photography Tips for Beginners: Manual Mode

A Simple Manual Mode Recipe & Tutorial, How To Use Manual Mode in the Real World

Published by Moose Winans on Jan 12, 2017

Are you a beginner to photography, are you ready to take the next step to improving your photographs. This is a great video of all beginner photographers in any genre of photography. Taking control of your camera settings will offer you a wider range of creative choices during your photo shoots.

Landscape Photography Tips with Thomas Heaton: Frozen Wilderness

Photography Quickies with Thomas Heaton: Landscape Photography in Zion
Published Nov 23, 2016 by: Thomas Heaton

In this video we join landscape photographer Thomas Heaton on a journey to explore Swedish Lapland to explore and indulge in some landscape photography in complete wilderness. Thomas tackles the frozen, bleak wilderness in search of compelling landscape images. He uses a snowmobile & hovercraft for transportation and has great fun doing so.