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Broken Seashells and Sand Coastal Nature Photo

Broken Seashells and Sand Coastal Nature Wall Art and Fine ARt Prints

About This Coastal Picture: Broken Seashells and Sand is a nature photograph created to showcase the smooth texture of the broken seashells on the course texture of the beach sand.

Title: Broken Seashells and Sand
Nature Photographer: Melissa Fague
Genre: Nature Photography
Item ID#: NAT-2136
Main colors of this photograph: Brown, Tan, Beige, White and Orange

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Animal / Wildlife / Bird Wall Art Prints and Fine Art Prints by various artists

15+ Brilliant and Colorful Animal Wall Art Prints

The world is full of interesting creatures that come in many sizes and shapes. Creatures with unique patterns, stunning colors and different textures to their bodies. All of these beautiful and amazing characteristics of the animals make for a lot of subjects for artists to work with and captivating wall art to hang in your home. Today we wanted to showcase some interesting art prints, from a variety of artists, that we’ve come across on the internet that depict some of the worlds creatures in extraordinary ways.

Disclaimer: PIPA Wall Art & Home Decor was not paid by, sell, or represent any artists or artwork presented in this feature other than Melissa Fague’s. Each photograph used in this article is linked back to the original sources or shop. However, this article does contain advertising and affiliate links, if you do make a purchase based on the recommendations of this article I may receive a small commission from the platform at no cost to you.

Animal / Wildlife / Bird Wall Art Prints and Fine Art Prints
From Left: Eye of the Peacock Feather and Dancing Eyes
Flamingo broken china mosaic framed flamingo wall art
Flamingo Broken China Mosaic Framed Found on Etsy
Underwater Dream IV Metal Wall Art Print
Underwater Dream IV Found on Displate
Funny Ostrich Wall Decor
Funny Ostrich Wall Decor Found on Amazon
Hand-painted Abstract Deer Animal Wall Art Oil Painting On Canvas Unframed
Hand-painted Abstract Deer Animal Wall Art Oil Painting On Canvas Found on Bonanza
Jungle Vacay #painting #illustration Wood Wall Art by 83oranges
Jungle Vacay Found on Society6
Lion Majesty by AmyHamilton
Lion Majesty by Amy Hamilton Found on Redbubble
Wall Decor Painting Africa Elephant II - Tropical - Paintings - by International Image & Canvas
Africa Elephant II Painting Found on Houzz
Animal / Wildlife / Bird Wall Art Prints and Fine Art Prints
Left: Great Blue Heron, Top: Great White Egret Bottom: Snowy Egret
Abstract Watercolor Sea Turtle on White 2 Minimalist Coastal Art
Abstract Watercolor Sea Turtle on White 2 Minimalist Coastal Art Found on Society6


'Owl' Canvas Print by RIZA PEKER
Owl Canvas Print Found on Redbubble
Wall Decor Painting Texas Horse I - Farmhouse - Paintings - by International Image & Canvas
Texas Horse I Painting Found on Houzz
Fox Metal Wall Art Print
Fox Metal Wall Art Print Found on Displate
Muzagroo Art Oil Painting Happy Frog Hand Painted Art on Canvas Pictures for Living Room
Happy Frog Oil Painting Found on Amazon
Colorful Llama Art Animal PRINT from Painting Alpaca Primary Colors Large Big CANVAS Rainbow Nursury
Colorful Llama Found on Etsy


Observing the Quality of Light – Photography 101

Light is photography, light is life. It’s light that reveals and hides objects, it  can create shadows and depth, or make them disappear and flatten objects. Light is the key to creating vibrant images; so knowing how light changes in intensity and quality very quickly, as well as reflective values of object is one of the hardest things to master.

Shimmering Orange – Created By: Melissa Fague – Nature Photography

Light can be hard and directional producing well-defined shadows, or it can be soft and diffused producing softer shadows; each will give you a different effect or mood in your photograph.

Hard light for example isn’t very becoming for flesh, it tends to create shadows from wrinkles and pores. Back lighting an object can accentuate colors and can also be utilized for creating silhouettes and halos. Side lighting can emphasize textures through shadows, and front lighting flattens a photo.

Landscape Photography Quick Tips: Revisit Locations

Don’t be afraid to revisit location you’ve photographed.

We as photographers never stop learning. To get your ultimate landscape shot, keep going back and use the knowledge you’ve learned from your previous visits of that location to explore the area again; 9 times out of 10 you’ll see something new.

It’s virtually impossible to capture all of the amazing sights of a location if you only visit it once, then move on to the next one on your photography bucket list.

We’re always looking for new scenes that inspire us, but a new scene in landscape photography is more than simply ticking boxes off a checklist of locations. The light, the seasons and weather change a scene through out the day, months and years. Returning to the same location gives you the photographer the opportunity to create work during times other people may never see.

My favorite local location is Cape Henlopen State Park in Lewes Delaware. Check out the different photographs from the bay side of Henlopen over the years. Check out how the light, subjects and the land has changed during each visit.

Coastal landscape photo Wall Art Prints Cape Henlopen Coastal landscape photo Wall Art Prints Coastal landscape photo Wall Art Prints Lighthouses Beach landscape photo Wall Art Prints Lighthouse Beach landscape photo Wall Art Prints

We’d love to hear from you, share with us your favorite location to photograph in the comments


Nature Photo of the Day: Yellow Painting! by Willie Smink

Yellow painting ! by willie smink on 500px.com

Yellow Painting! by Nature Photographer Willie Smink

Follow Willie’s work on 500px and while you’re there check out our page too!

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