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Nature Photo Tip Quickies: What is Composition

Delicate Rose is a dramatic black and white nature photograph of the delicate petals of a rose bloom with dew droplets resting on them. This photograph was created in the beautiful, award winning Rose Garden in Brandywine Park located in Wilmington, Delaware. Title: Delicate Rose B and W Photographer: Melissa Fague Genre: Nature PhotographyPhoto Quickie: What is Composition

A composition of a photograph effective conveys the intended meaning of the photographer while the image was begin created. The composition could be of a variety of thing for placement to mood, as well as depth and subject matter. A good composition or strong composition in a photograph is easy for the viewer to spot the intended subject or reason the the photograph was created.

Image Info:

Title: Delicate Rose
Nature Photographer: Melissa Fague
Genre: Floral Nature Photography (Black and White)


Photography Quickie Tip: Wide Load

urban Landscape Photograph Shining Cab by Nature and Landscape Photographer Melissa Fague

Photo Quickie: Wide Load

Because the angle of view that a  wide-angle lens has makes it the obviously the easier lens to use where there’s limited space or the subject are large; such as city scenes and vast landscapes.  However, just because the Wide-angle’s view is much greater than that of the telephoto or standard lens, it doesn’t mean you can’t create stunning images; you’ll just have to be more creative.

Image Info:

Title: Shining Cab
Photographer: Melissa Fague
Genre: Abstract / Urban Landscape  Photography

Photo Quickie: Reflecting

Photo Quickie: Reflecting
If you can’t afford studio lights to even out harsh contrasts when shooting with natural light you can always reflect light. You can do so by positioning a large sheet of paper or white cardboard to reflect the harsh light onto the unlit side of your subject. If you are photographing people, ask them to hold the card themselves or attach the cardboard to a stand outside of the framed shot. Alternatively, you could always invest in a set of portable reflectors.


Photo Quickie: Investing in Lights

Photo Quickie: Investing In Lights
If you’re doing any kind of photography investing in a pair of lights always helps you improve your creativity; but its really important when you are shooting indoor photographs because of the low lighting. Invest in a cheap pair of lights will reduce your lighting issues and help create a soft glow though out the room. If possible try to get an inexpensive complete set, with tripod stands and reflectors to direct the light. Continuous light sets are cheaper than flash sets and they are easy to use; so they’re great for beginners.

I love my one (yes one) local camera store but to be honest when I was in school my shooting and equipment budget was “shoestring”, so finding lighting at an affordable price was hard to do in my area. I resorted to the internet and I found a great site called Discount Tommy. I purchased several sets from there that were shipped to my home within days.


Photo Quickie: Rule of 3rds

Aged Mushroom nature photograph created by Nature and landscape photographer Melissa Fague

Photo Quickie: From the Start

To use the rule of thirds, imagine there are four lines drawn across your view, two of the lines are lying horizontally across the image and two are extending vertically creating nine even squares across your frame. Use the rule of thirds to decide, if the image would look best with the focal point in the center square, or placing the subject off center on one of the lines. Most of the time the off centered subject will often create a more aesthetically composed photograph.