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Landscape Photography Tip: Flowing Water

Pixley Falls 1 Landscape Photography print Pixley Falls 1 by nature photographer Melissa Fague

Landscape Photo Pixley Falls 1 created by Landscape Photographer Melissa Fague

Flowing Water

There are many options to landscape photographers when it come to photographing water. If there is a river, creek, or stream that flows through the landscape scene you are about to photograph, think about the characteristic of it and how you should convey those characters in the final photograph. A large, slow moving river has a completely different look and feel than a fast moving mountain stream with rocks and boulders. The characteristics of the water can be the point of interest in the photograph or it can serve as a complimentary element in your composition by using it as a leading line, as a horizontal line, or as a shape simply by moving around the scene during the photo shoot.

Landscape Photography print Autumn Reflections created by nature photographer Melissa Fague

Landscape Photo Autumn Reflections created by Landscape Photographer Melissa Fague

While on the location look carefully for any reflections on the surface of the water too. You have the option for the reflections to enhance the landscape photo. For instance, the colored reflections of bright autumn leaves can sometimes enhance the landscape photos. Or you may find that the reflections on the surface of the water takes away from the landscape scene, if this is the case you can reduce the glare and reflections by using a polarizing filter. If you don’t have a filter, moving around the scene could help you with the options to include the reflections or eliminate the as well. Worst case scenario, you return to the location when the sun is at a different angle to the water.

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Photography 101: Capturing Moving Water

There are many ways to capture moving water in your nature and landscape photographs. Photographers have the ability to freeze moving water, slow it to a foamy froth or even turn it to mist; all effects can create a stunning effect and really enhance your landscape and nature photographs.

A beautiful colorized nature photograph of the ice formations on the rocks that border that surround on of the small waterfall in Susquehanna State Park located in Havre De Grace, Maryland. Title: Ice and Falls Photographer: Melissa Fague Genre: Nature PhotographyTo freeze water: Use a fast shutter speed, usually 1/125 of a second or higher. Your ISO and aperture will need to be adjust according to the current light conditions of your location and your creative vision.

To slow water or turn to mist: Use a slower shutter speed, anything below 1/80 of a second should be photographed using a tripod. Your bodies subtle movements will start to effect your finished photograph ( a slight blur will start to appear). Set your ISO to 100 and adjust your Aperture depending on the current light conditions of your location and your creative vision. The longer the shutter is open the softer the water will appear.

Slow shutter speeds during the day: If you are trying to photograph water during the day its recommended to use Neutral Density (ND) lens filters. They come in various strengths of darkness to reduce the light hitting your camera sensor.

Some photographers using your Shutter Priority or Aperture Priority modes for this could save some time messing with the settings.


About the Photographer:

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